Joseph L

Smart App Express has served as a vehicle for our agents to track their on-exchange business, and track their commissions. It is our goal to help evolve this into a system that is second to none in terms of quoting, submitting business, and fully tracking commissions. The true value of the system to our agents is the ability to have year round back end access to Carrier portals only allow for access during open enrollment, and brokers are not legally allowed to open accounts. Smart App Express helps keep agents 100% compliant, and aware of changes to the client applications, throughout the year. Agents can access any application submitted by a client (with their permission), and upload all the outstanding requirement documentation that is being requested. This limits the 3 way call volume to the marketplace for the little things that brokers were always permitted to do in the past. As the carriers and marketplace make it clear that they do not value our service, 20% of consumers cite us as their source for guidance, making it hard to get rid of us. Smart App Express is that fully compliant voice for the agent population as a whole!