Joseph L

The need for a comprehensive quoting and enrollment system has become an absolute necessity in the under 65 individual health insurance market. When it has become apparent that most insurance carriers, and the federally facilitated marketplace ( have made it harder and harder to write, maintain and track commissions, rabbitt app proves its worth far beyond the ability to submit an application in under 5 minutes. Even with all the last minute changes CMS constantly throws at brokers and web brokers alike, the value of rabbitt app remains. For me, the ability to connect to the back end of, YEAR ROUND, more than justifies the monthly expense. Sure the carriers make submitting on-exchange business easy through their online portals, but most only allow the use during open enrollment. With rabbitt app, I can quickly dial into the back end and see every single on-exchange application a client has ever submitted. I am then able to check notices, upload documents for that client, and service them much quicker, than the traditional 3 way call to the marketplace. With Rabbit App, I don’t have to sit on hold for 30 minutes plus for the little things that brokers have always been permitted to take care of. When nearly 20% of clients credit brokers as their source for help, it helps future proof our business and become less likely to be deemed obsolete. We clearly need to look out for one another, if there is ever hope to improve this faulty FFM system. Rabbitt App, helps bring order to that marketplace chaos!